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Glaucoma Services

Glaucoma Services

Clinical Examination and Investigation

The diagnostic evaluations we perform include:

  1. Visual Field Analysis
  2. Optical Coherence Tomography for Retinal nerve fiver and Optic Nerve Head Analysis
  3. Anterior Segment OCT
  4. Fundus Photograph
  5. Central Corneal Thickness
  6. Gonioscopy
  7. Anterior Segment Photograph
  8. Applanation Tonometry


  1. YAG Laser Iridotomy
  2. Laser Suturolysis
  3. Phase Test

Surgical services

  1. Trabeculectomy
  2. Trabeculotomy with MMC
  3. Trabeculectomy with ologen
  4. Trabeculotomy
  5. Trabeculectomy with adjustable suture
  6. Cyclocryopexy
  7. Ahmed glaucoma valve implant
  8. Goniolysis

Learn about glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of diseases causes degeneration /damage of optic nerve (2nd cranial nerve that carryon visual signals from eye to Brain). Most of them are symptompless . Slowly and silently it blinds the eyes. Commonly Glaucoma patients have their intra-ocular pressure higher than normal range. Pressure inside the eye is maintained by regular circulation of aquous humour, fluid produced from ciliary process, behind the root of the iris and circulates through pupil and goes out by trabecular meshwork at the junction of the root of the iris and cornea. Any abnormality in this pathway causes rise of eye pressure and consequence it damage the optic nerve fibers day by day. It causes significant visual field defect which is permanent. Proper clinical examination and investigations are needful for diagnosis of glaucoma. Some times single episode of examination and investigations may not be enough for glaucoma diagnosis . To prevent nerve damage lowering the intraocular pressure is the only therapeutic measure. several medicines, eye drops , laser or operations are options for lowering IOP.