Our Hospital Training

Our Hospital Training

Our Hospital Training

  • 07 Sep 2021

Training in Vitreo Retina 


  • Describe principles of posterior segment pharmacology (eg, antimicrobial, anti – inflammatory and growth factors), with emphasis on bioavailability, mechanism of actions, relative efficacy, safety, and potential complications. The fellow should be able to formulate fortified antibiotics and antifungal medications. 
  • Perform examination techniques, of indirect ophthalmoscopy (20D, 78D, 90D).
  •  Effective knowledge & competency in interpretation of FFA & OCT of Macula 
  • Skill in B-Scan ultrasonogram & correlation with clinical findings.
  •  Identify developmental anomalies of anterior and posterior segment, their impact on visual development, and their management (eg, Iris, lens, retina, optic nerve and choroid). 
  • Diagnose and formulate management plans to effectively manage common diseases / disorders involving the vitreo-retina and macular diseases.
  • Diagnose and formulate management plan for infectious and inflammatory conditions of posterior segment disorders.
  • Skill in laser including pan retinal photocoagulation, Barrage laser, Grid laser, Modified grid laser, focal laser and laser hyaloidotomy. 
  • Develop skills needed for the medical and surgical evaluation and management for posterior segment diseases problems, including vitreous Biopsy, intravitreal antibiotics / anti – VEGF. Fellows should be familiar with vitreous biopsy interpretation of microbiology results. 
  • Diagnose surgical retinal conditions and appropriate in time referral.

Contents of the Training

  •  Clinical skills 
  • Clinical Evaluation 
  •  Procedures 
  •  Investigations
  •  Surgical skills
  •  CME/Journal presentation
  •  Research work

Application Process