Fellowship program in vision eye hospital is running very successfully. 



Fellowship program in vision eye hospital is running very successfully. 


Fellowship in Glaucoma

  •  Contents of Fellowship 
  • Clinical skill
  •  Procedural skill 
  • Investigation skill 
  • Surgical skill 
  • CME/ Presentation 
  •  Research Work  

 Clinical Skill 

  • Visual Status evaluation 
  • Slit lamp examination 
  • Tonometry Gonioscopy
  •  Optic disc evaluation
  •  Interpretation of Glaucoma imaging

 Procedural Skill 

  • YAG laser Iriditomy
  •  Argon Laser Iridoplaty
  •  Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
  •  Seidel Test 
  • Stich removal 

Investigation Skill 

  • Performing VFA 
  • Performing OCT 
  • Performing UBM for angle evaluation

Surgical Skill 

  • Trabeculectomy+ MMC
  •  Trabeculotomy 
  • Trabeculectomy with Cataract operation
  •  AGV implant
  •  Goniotomy /Gonioplasty 

Topics for Discussion

  • Ocular HTN and Normal tention glaucoma
  •  Aqueous production, outflow & IOP 
  • Evaluation of optic nerve head
  •  Tonometry 
  • Primary open angle glaucoma
  •  Primary angle closure glaucoma Gonioscopy
  •  Pharmacology of AGM 
  • Pigment Dispersion Syndrome 
  • Pseudoexfoliation 
  • Neovarcular glaucoma 
  • Posner Schlossman Syndrome/Inflammatory 
  • Glaucoma Steroid induced glaucoma
  •  Lens related glaucoma 
  • Traumatic glaucoma
  •  Primary congenital glaucoma
  •  Medical treatment of glaucoma
  •  Laser treatment of glaucoma Trabeculectomy
  •  Anti Metabolites in Trabeculectomy
  •  Titration of Trabeculectomy
  • Drainage Shunt/ AGV
  •  Visual field analysis: Humphrey 
  • Optical coherence tomography 
  • Ocular Response Analyzer
  •  Anterior segment OCT in Glaucoma Diagnosis
  •  OCT A in Glaucoma
  •  Cyclocryopexy and CPC (Trans Scleral and Endocyclo photocoagulation) 
  • GATT 
  • MIGS
  •  Aniridia
  •  ICE Syndrome 
  • Glaucoma in phacomatoses
  •  Congenital Glaucoma
  •  Complication management of trabeculectomy Acute Primary angel closure
  •  Newer Drugs and drug delivery system
  •  Low Vision AID and Rehabilitation In Glaucoma 
  • Decision making in Glaucoma 
  • Counselling


The selection examination is held twice a year in the month of February/August. Selection is done for 2 sessions (March and September). Advertisements appear in the hospital website. Candidates (National & International) will appear for the viva (Skype interview for foreign candidates) conducted by two examiners. List of selected candidates would be displayed on the hospital notice board and website. Qualified candidates employed elsewhere should produce a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the employer at the time of the examination.


Last date of application February last working day for the session March & last working day of August for session September viva on will be held at Vision Eye Hospital (VEH) Premises on suitable day  

Glaucoma Fellowship :

Total duration of felleowship 18 months

Application Process